Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Round 2

Hi all,
  • On my last post (of art), the idea was put forth of going for round 2 of the Moleskine Exchange. I thought I'd make an official post seeing who wants to do that.
  • I am definitely going to start another exchange and I'd be happy to have some or all of you in again. I would like to add a few new members and maybe shake the rotation up a bit. Everyone okay with that?
  • Here are some ideas put forth for round 2:
  • Add a few members and or replace anyone who doesn't wanna go round again.
  • Let folks chose a different sketchbook if they are not into the Moleskine's. I would prefer you use a Moly, but I'm not going to get all kooky if you don't. Some folks just don't like working in them and I get that. I would ask that all the sketchbooks be around the same size and that the work stays in the book and is not removed down the road . (I'm thinking of a spiral bound sketchbook here)
  • Have the last page you draw in be open so that the next person can collaborate on a full page spread with the person before them.
  • Have everyone make an introductory page, that we all add to at the beginning (or the end, your preference) of the book.
  • I do want to start off with all new books for round 2, because there will be new members involved. So, finishing up the pages in the books from round 1 will have to be done outside of the new rotation. Does that make sense?
  • So far I think, Mike, Willie, Steve, Mary and myself are in. Anyone else in? Anyone want out for sure? If you are bowing out , are you going to go out and start your own exchange? I hope so!
  • Anyone know of someone that really would be a good fit with our group? I have a couple people who really wanted in from the last round that I will contact, but if you know someone we can look at adding them, depending on how many participants we have.
  • This is still a couple months out time wise, I want everyone to have their book # 1 back before we go again.
  • Let me know your thoughts friends!
  • Also, should I start a whole new blog for round two or continue on with this one?


ian russell said...

I'm not saying no at this moment, I have a couple of unused moleskines. I'll give my firm decision a bit nearer the time before you make the list if that's okay, Andrea.
I've developed a love-hate relationship with them: they have their faults but they appeal to my sense of challenge - they will not win! ha, ha!
It's really down to time and commitment again for me but my heart is in it.

oh, keep this blog for the next round.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I say keep the same blog if most of the people are the same (and maybe anyway).

I've discovered I can paint in the molies if I take a different approach than I normally would--more dry brush, less wash.

Are you saying you do not want to try the big moles? (eg A3 and A4?) Well, I'm willing to do it any way we wish. I'm getting used to the yellow paper--you can't get a full tonal range, but--well, like Ian said, it's a challenge.

steve said...

Hey Andrea, first off, I thank you for your time and commitment to this project. I'm sure you're as busy and occupied as anyone else in the group, so thanks again for setting this up. As for me, yes, I'm in, as long as this project exists. I say keep the current blog too - why not? If anyone is interested, and I think I may have mentioned this before, the watercolor Molys are really superb. They are extremely durable, you can draw, paint and collage in them, and the pages hold up extremely well. They're white instead of tan also. Lastly, the books and pages are about the same size as the standard drawing books. In the meantime, good to see some folks coming back for more. I'll see if I can find anyone else who is interested in the meantime!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I do like my water color moley! :-D

If we aren't using the big molies, I think I will get one anyway to play with.

Of course, Heidi Chester and Jim Doran are both interested in joining this group. And are both good artists.

Andrea said...

Heidi and Jim are on my "to contact" list.

I am open to using the bigger sized A4 Moleskine if everyone else is. I only added the similar size thing because if people do go away from the Moleskine I think we should all be working in a fairly similarly sized book. Partially for equality of shipping costs.

Doesn't the watercolor Moleskine have perforated pages? I loathe that. Just a personal pet peeve. If that is the type of Moleskine you wanna use though that is a-okay with me.

Thanks all, I hope this discussion will continue.

Ian, no pressure to decide now, we are just tossing some ideas around. When time gets closer, we'll flesh all the deets out.

Steve, thanks. It does take a bit of time, but it is so worth it to collaborate with all of you.

steve said...

Andrea, you know, I believe the last few pages or so are removable, and it's hardly noticable. I'll double check though. Anyhow, I'm up for whatever books you guys wanna use.

Johnnynorms said...

I'll be sorry to miss the fun second time round but I will almost probably step down. I feel the need to take the pressure off for now, but ask me again just in case.

henniemavis said...

Mary's correct, I am most certainly hoping for entry into this fabuous group! I am sorry that some of you will be dropping out. I have so enjoyed this past year of creeping your art blog, a great display of creativity & effort on the part of all!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Yes, will miss you John for sure if you do go! :-(

Hennie, I think you'd be a welcome addition.