Sunday, November 29, 2009

Simple Math--A problem in search of a solution

I got Ander's book from Steve and I have a concern. The three previous artist's before me have each used ONLY ONE SIDE of a sheet or leaf, skipping a page between each artwork.

There are 32 sheets, or leaves left, which is 66 pages. There are NINE artists left, which would be 3 1/2 sheets per person or seven pages.

However, the previous artists have used an average of 5 sheets per person or 10 pages.

If we each continued at that rate, following the pattern established in the book, the seventh artist would not have enough and the 8th and 9th artist would have NONE.

These are the alternatives, as I see it:

  • each of the remaining artist use 3 1/2 sheets only (a max of 7 pages, not ten)
  • OR add a fold -out page or two to your 3.5 sheets (leaves) or 7 pages.
  • Or We could continue as started and Anders could send a new book to the 8th person in his rotation.
  • Hennie suggests in comment below: use the back sides left by others. Anders, what would you prefer?
I need to know how to proceed. I used the page that Steve had prepared for me, but have done no additional work, as I am waiting to know how Anders and the group would like me to proceed.

Here is how I figure the 5 per person: 4 of your own and two 1/2 collaboratives make 5. It works out exactly if you count the pages. 5 pages done on one side = ten pages (5 sheets).

Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you very much. Mary :-D

first draft of an illustration for a kid's book I'm working on (needs work) (I'm putting a print of it in Ander's pocket, as I will not have time to work on it any more before I mail the mole.):


henniemavis said...

This issue with inconsistent page usage already happened to me also. Ash's book had "blank backs", too. Because it is a WC book, the page count was already tight, so without going back & using the blank sides, the last artist(s) would have had no pages left.

I used my turn to go back & fill in blank sides. Not sure what Aya did when she got it. It does mean that my art is interspersed instead of all in a row, but something had to be done?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

A great idea and a good alternative to add to the list of possible solutions. I was hoping Anders would suggest which he would prefer, since its his book!

Andrea said...

Thanks for looking at the books carefully when you get them ladies.

I am going to let Anders answer what he wants done in his book. I am willing to do some creative paging if that is what needs done.

I figured the pages based on the non-watercolor book, which has more pages. I remember saying that the watercolor folks would have to count their pages and adjust the number of pages for their book if necessary.

I am sure we can work something out but we all have to be careful going forward. Thanks Mary!

ballookey said...

I haven't come across this problem yet, but I would just go back and work the blank backs of some pages. Or fill one in and let each artist after you take up some of the slack as they get the book. That way three of yours can still be in a row.

Also maybe send a message to those directly so they know the next time a watercolor book comes around. This information was already posted to the blog, but it doesn't seem like everyone reads the entries consistently, so they might have missed the message that said there'd only be room in the WC books if each artist did front & back.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Andrea--you figured CORECTLY, based on NOT skipping a page. But everyone in this book skipped a page, which double the number of pages used.

THIS IS NOT A WATERCOLOR BOOK, it is a regular book--BUT, there are not enough pages left for everyone IF we proceed as have the first three.

So I am waiting to hear from Anders what to do.

There ARE enough pages IF from now on everyone USES BOTH SIDES of the paper, rather than continuing to leave a blank page. I'm not sure I made that clear.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

My concern was how Anders would prefer it done--to continue int he same vein or simply to work on the backs. I guess if I do not hear from him, that's what I will do, to leave enough for others.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Sorry if I made it confusing, I was trying to be clear.

There are 3.5 SHEETS or 7 PAGES left for each artist, which is plenty to do the 5 required pages as long as no blank pages are left.

Andrea said...

Thanks Mary ... I get it now.

Aya Rosen said...

This is so confusing!

I've been using both sides of the paper in the books I've been involved in so far, which is something I don't normally, I like it so much that my next book is going to be on both sides of the paper - which is a really great thing I got out of the exchange already.

I don't think I have any practical advice here, aside of letting the "one page out of 2" people know that though I usually really hate that, I'm growing to love it just out of trying something new.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

What a nice comment! :-D

I love the books that are done on both sides as long as there is no bleed through.