Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black bird - in Andrea's book

This song is really special for my, "blackbird" was Ned and mine wedding song, we had a special version recorded by a friend and played it at the wedding. A couple of days before, we got raven tattoos (and got into the first big fight we ever had...)

That's it for Andrea's book, I'm going to send it to Anders tomorrow, hopefully, I was able to make up for some of the lost time with this book (though it's still about a month and a weeks behind).


ballookey said...

HOLY CRAP, this is gorgeous! I love the high-contrast pattern restrained to the circles. UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous.

steve said...

Haha, ditto Ballookey!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Amazing work! :-D

As usual, I love your bird and your song and the details and the bubbles of detailed darkness.

henniemavis said...

The purple & black look great with this imagery. WOW.

Andrea said...

thank you!