Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello, 2010!

Hey friends, sorry I have been out of the loop for a couple weeks. I had a tough holiday season.

2010 is here though, and here we are!

Would skipping this months deadline give everyone a bit of time to catch up? I have Ballookey's book now and I have started it, but it still needs a lot of TLC.

Please weigh in with ideas about whether you think having a bit more time would help or hurt.

Thanks and Happy New Year to each of you!


ballookey said...

I think more time right now would be a huge relief. I'm able to get the next book out no problem, but Milo & I have had a setback with Steve's book.

I sent it priority from the post office as usual so that she should have received it a day or two before the Christmas holiday, but apparently the post office handed of priority packages to FedEx for delivery (just for the holiday, or a new thing - I don't know). The USPS would have delivered it as usual, but FedEx wants a signature and wouldn't leave it. Consequently, they tried to deliver three times while she was out for the holiday, held it at the depot, and just as she got back, they started the process of returning it to me. I haven't gotten it back yet.

Stupid post office! If I wanted FedEx to handle the package I would have given it to them in the first place!

steve said...

Happy New Year Andrea! I'm totally down with a month leeway as well. I really don't wanna do a rush job in anybody's book, so please, if it can be pushed back one extra month, I'd be very happy.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I did a lot of traveling and have returned to a very full plate.

I am halfway through my work in the mole and probably could get it done, but I wouldn't mind a delay.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

And, as always, I would prefer that whoever had MY mole take their time with it, LOL!

henniemavis said...

To be honest, I don't follow the "deadlines" anyway, because I can't... based on how sketchbooks arrive to me. (I'm still waiting for the book that was supposed to be sent on November 15.)

I'm OK with whatever happens re: deadlines. I am the kind of person who would adhere to a regular schedule if my books came in on a regular schedule... but they don't, for a variety of reasons... therefore, I just go with the flow :-)

I've been reluctant to part with the book I have now, knowing I'll be without once it departs... I'm so clingy, ha ha!

ballookey said...

It sucks that there's no way around that Canadian Post office, but if you're done with the Nov 15th book, I'd send it forward. Otherwise you're increasing the deadline crisis on Aya, who has complained a couple of times about not having a book.

If everything went perfectly, we'd all be without a book during the shipping period starting the 15th.

I'm guilty of passing on delays. Funny- I got this book with a bit of a delay, but I'd already made a promise to myself that I wouldn't pass the delay on, so I've been working hard on it. I figure if the lag gets really severe, I'll do artwork on pages from a backup book I have during the period where I have no Exchange book, and then paste them into the delayed book when it gets here. I saw that someone from last time did that - I believe he was in England, so that would have been the best way of dealing with the constant shipping crisis he must have been facing.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I think Milo did that last time, too--she did her work when she had time on something other than the moles and then pasted them in. I think it was in part because she didn't like the paper. Not that I blame her at all! :-D

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

(I didn't much like it either!) :-D

henniemavis said...

OK, Aya, Ballook has convinced me to give up my book. I'll photog the last of my work tonight & send it this week, then I can have my turn at being bookless!

I'm going thru town on Friday, will drop it at the post office then, sniffle.

Mike Kline said...

I plan to send my moleskine or rather Ander's Moleskine out on the 15th soooooooooo I may be bookless and it is not the end of the world as we know it - I don't think! I do think. "I feel fine." Tomorrow may never come so no worries.

henniemavis said...

Ha ha! That chipper little blurb of consolation by Mike just made me giggle aloud. When we're bookless, we're never alone :-) Ha ha ha!

Andrea said...

Thanks everyone, WE WILL DELAY A MONTH. the next ship date will be February 15th. Okay?

For those of you behine, please use the month to get caught up.

Yeah, the Canadian post office is not helping. However, WE WILL PREVAIL!

Thanks everyone for weighing in.

Andrea said...


milo said...

I'm living in the midst of stacks of boxes...we're moving! so extra time is wonderfully appreciated!!!

Hang in there Andrea.. here's sending you a super big bear hug to help see you through.