Friday, July 16, 2010

Another for Willie's "Pocket": Homeless and Hungry

OOoh, an unintenional Cripple! I made this for poor Willie--it's pretty big, 9 x 12, I think, slightly too big for my scanner. I'm going to send it with the other too-big homeless pictures I made for Willie before I knew he had a small mole.

Here;s the kicker--I drew it, painted it and scanned it and then noticed that I drew NO ARM!!!! I made a hand without an arm. DUH!!

Sorry Willie. Since I made it for you, I think I will send it anyway. You can use it for a dartboard or toilet paper or something.

I was holding something in my hand and looking at my hand and forgot all about my arm. And I have the thumb on the wrong side because I had turned my right hand around to face myself to sketch it. Galloping Alzheimer's, I guess. :-(

Water color and black permanent marker. Click image to view larger.

I fixed it up a little on photoshop and Artrage and printed a new copy for Willie--he will get both the new one and the old one. The bigs ones, however, will go directly to him, since I can't put them in the pocket for the remainder of the people to see--UNLESS y'all tell me you want me to mail them all together in a larger envelope--then you'll have to mail them all on. Other wise, when I mail the mole on to Mike, I'll mail the big pix and poems directly to Willie.

This is "self-portrait" of myself as a homeless person, but when I was homeless, we weren't called homeless, we were called street people" and we had no signs except if we were hitch hiking somewhere.


steve said...

Isn't good to know you do have a roof over your head now Mary and you can spend your time making art? I think Willie will appreciate this.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, Steve! :-D

Yup, I like having a roof--and air conditioning and other amenities LIKE FOOD which I went without a lot at one point in my life.