Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Iris for Willie's Pocket

I made this digital Iris smudge painting on my computer with the Cintique tablet--it was such a relief to use after trying to draw on the wretched iPad. (I'm not very good at drawing on the iPad!) I'm making a small print of it for Willie's pocket. It will be a contrast to all the other pieces which are mostly about homeless people. I am assuming that the Mole will be headed this way sometime soon. I hope.

I am home from my trip to the "Porkies" (Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Area) where we were camping and incommunicado --I'm back a week early because of some very distressing health issues.


ballookey said...

Yeah, I imagine if I had a Cintique, I'd find it hard to work in the iPad, but I come at it from the other direction - I don't have a Cintique, so for little electronic doodlings, the iPad is an inexpensive option.

I'm sorry to hear health issues cut your vacation short. It sounds serious, so I send my thoughts for a speedy/good recovery and hope you can keep drawing.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the iPad over vacation, but it is frustrating! I am hoping for some better art options soon. I wish I could combine some of the features of several of them--but I find it hard to move back and forth between the ones I hacve--which are Qvik Sketch, Omnisketch and colorpad, I think. Plus Photoshop, but that is only good for changing something you've already created.

Is there something else you would recommend? A better program?

What you did with steve's splotch was amazing--I don't think I could do anything that good. I was quite taken with it.

I got the Cintique from my husband for a combined birthday and Christmas present--he's very kind to me--I also have a tablet laptop which works pretty well--I brought it with me--but it required more electricity than we had available while wilderness camping. The iPad goes for days. And bboots instantly to take advantage of little windows of time, whereas the laptop takes 15 minutes to boot up.

We kept a trip journal on the iPad, it worked great for that.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

The iPad was my birthday present this year. My husband is very supportive. He calls himself "A Patron of the Arts," because he supports ME in my artwork. LOL!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I'm sorry I said "Wretched" iPad--I actually like it--but I was getting frustrated. Maybe I am just stupid. but I can't figure out how to move pieces through the different programs becasue they use different aspect rations, or won't open the others at all--For example--if I want to have the ability to control the opacity--OmniSketch is good for that--but I can't get the Qvik Sketch drawing to open in Omnisketch.