Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I want a book!

I know it's been a little less then 2 weeks since Heidi got the 3 books from Ashe, and so it's really too early for me to get one (though she is a super productive person and always doping lots of cool stuff) but looking through the group blog this morning, I really really want one!

It's not as if there aren't enough books in my life at the moment (finishing the one I've worked on since November in the next couple of weeks would be great) but with the weather being so hot and me being so anxious lately, it would be so awesome to have one of the group books now to keep my mind off things.

Everyone's pieces from the past few days are so beautiful! I'm jealous! 

The photo, by the way, shows my inability to concentrate lately,  as you can see - I was working on 3 different pieces at once...


henniemavis said...

Patience, darlin'... work is really busy this month, plus I'm teaching a class, but Ballookey's is almost done anyway! I'm enjoying the big format, as Michelle's & Willie's were both smaller books. And I've been using a smaller loaner book from Mary for my class demonstrations. So I love the BIG book from Ballookey!

One more full page to do, plus a half pg. collab for you & it should go out on Monday (I need the weekend to finish). Oh, and I have to choose a fun goodie for her pocket... hmmm...

merrytait said...

Three interesting-looking projects yr working on, from what little I can see.

I like the big books too--but I'm enjoying Willie's little one--it's full of great art.

I know how it is to be waiting and wishing for a book--and I'm SO GLAD I HAVE one--I will turn it around as fast as I reasonably can so Mike can have one too.