Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ballookey in Andrea's

Hey there!

I sent Andrea's off today. I'm not quite done with the Exchange as I still have to finish my work in Mary's book - it looks like according to the spreadsheet it's nearly done, so either the last person to have it or Mary can send it to me.

I really loved the illustrations Aya did in Andrea's, taken from dreams or nightmares, so I continued along with that idea.

But first some birds to get warmed up: Collaboration with Molly-


From a recurring dream about driving off the map - first the map gets weird, then it runs out... I like the top portion, but the weirdness and map-ness didn't really work out so great on the second half. For the car, I was inspired by the illustrations in Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth, of the kid Milo in a toy car.


A complicated dream, full of weirdness, reduced to just a couple of elements. Walking down a sidewalk at night, and it gets darker, and darker, and darker (and a little scary) until nothing is visible in the vicinity of the sidewalk. Coming out the other side of the darkness, the right side of the path falls off into open space.


And the beginning of a collaboration with Andrea. I may or may not have been watching the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson when sketching this. OK, yes, I was.



Ammon said...

Ferguson?! Really?

I kid. I actually think those late late guys are better than the earlier guys. Maybe they are trying harder.

Ammon said...

...and I love this, particularly the woman looking over her shoulder.

ballookey said...

Thanks Ammon, that's my favorite as well. :)

I unashamedly love Craig Ferguson. I don't know what any of the other late night guys are doing, but after I watched his show once for a particular guest, I just kept watching.

Something Different said...

What will I do with that harmonica ... hmmm.

It's been a pleasure collaborating with you Ballookey!


These remin me of carbon paper. I used to love playing with that stuff at my Grandmother's house.

merrytait said...

WOW! These are super.

merrytait said...

The mouth organ is amazing--love it! :-D

Ellen said...

I soooooo love your work!!