Sunday, July 15, 2012


Frida's Garden
Hay everyone! finally I have a book! i just got Molly's from Ammon, and very excited about starting to work in it.

 So here is my question. Molly is next in line, but looking at the Google Doc, it looks like her book never made it to Mary or Roma. Shell I send it to Roma? to Mary or to Molly?


Ammon said...

I just planned to look to the right (and then loop back to the beginning) to the next blank spot on the document. Though that might not be the best thing if two book are heading to the same person at the same time at which point the universe might collapse in on it's self.

I am not positive but I don't think I should have that many books left to do. Hopefully not anyway.

Moleskine Exchange said...

Yay Aya, so glad you have a book!
Let me know when you are done & we will see where it should go.