Monday, July 9, 2012

Ammon In Molly's Book

emperors new clothes
To share with Aya.

The great shared effort.

When you lose your body it is best to see the positive things. 

johnny cash moleksine exchange
Johnny Cash

I have  been watching past episodes of "Breaking Bad" so here are a few meth heads.

The Nude.


Jason said...

The great shared effort = classic

Ammon said...

Thanks Jason.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

These are wonderful! I love them all. The nude is a HOOT!!!

Mike Kline said...

Nice spread of fun pieces. One is so much more classy than "pull my finger" but still leaves me feeling something "silent and deadly" just happened. Here is hoping it wasn't a feast on refried beans and sort.

Mike Kline said...

No besos for you my dear

ballookey said...

I'm a big fan of Johnny Cash, but I love the Meth Heads! :)

Something Different said...

Meth Head, Nudes, Meth Heads and Johnny Cash -- Ammon, you just made my day!