Saturday, November 1, 2008

art exhibit opportunities!

I thought I would share this here with you all, so check it out. A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by an art gallery in NYC about participating in a square art show. They wanted me to produce five 12" x 12" canvases for what they deem the biggest show of its kind in the city. I checked it out, and did my homework and it was legit. The fee was a mere fifty bucks, your work is definitely going to be shown in the exhibit if you pay and sign and later bring/send the contract. It's a very simple process, so of course I went for it. I noticed they had more calls for shows at their site, including a skate deck art show, a record art show, a custom toy art show and a sketchbook exhibit. All of these will be taking place at their new, larger space starting early next spring and into summer 2009. I signed up and paid for all five now, and for $220.00 to participate in all five (the sketchbook exhibit fee is only twenty bucks and they send you a book to fill up, which you could later sell!)!! So, the cost to participate is dirt cheap, and the gallery is pretty high profile, and in NYC! My belief is, if the opportunity arises, step up to the plate. All of you are incredibly skilled and creative artists, so that is why I'm sharing this info with you (plus, they asked me if there was anyone else I knew who might be interested and to ask them to consider signing up). I'd imagine if any of you did participate, some of us might show up as well to the reception and we could actually meet in person, beyond the safe and cozy confines of Bloggieland. I've got the luxury of riding the dirt cheap Bolt Bus to NYC, so I'll be at all the receptions. In the meantime, please check out the link HERE and see what you think for yourself.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing this with us.

I wonder if we all pitched in and got a sketchbook form them, if we could do a JOINT one like we've been doing.

(As well as any personal ones we might want to do--I'll have to check it out.) Thanks, Steve

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

For the sketchbook thing, it's sign up by the end of January and mail in by 6/1. If we did a joint one, we'd have to work a lot faster. Dunno how many pages are in the books.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I emailed them and asked. It doesn't COMMIT us to anything, I just asked.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the book idea?

ian russell said...

Steve, I recognise this gallery! I've had several emails this year too - I don't know why I get so many offers from the US. (I wonder if you guys get offers from Europe?)

Looks good and busy. We don't have those kind of places here. In our privately owned galleries you have to make sure your shoes don't squeak and wake the curator.

Keep us posted on this event, I found the moleskine exhibit fascinating. I would have liked to have seen it.

steve said...

Hey Mary, I like your idea, but I think the distance, the mailing, etc. might be a problem, given the time frame. I could be totally wrong. I know people are busy, and it may stretch us kind of thin, with this current exchange. If people can fit it in their schedules or have the time and energy, maybe we can do a shared book. I know I'll be doing my own personal book as well. As for our group book, I had ben in correspondence with one of the Moleskine project directors and she has contacted their business department. I've got a feeling they would like to see more before making any decisions. I am waiting until early 2009 to start shooting out proposals to some companies who could be interested. For now, we keep on keeping on.

Ian, I can't say I got any attention from Europe. I think the fact that your art is great and you have a Flickr account might help. They saw me through Flickr (though, they just closed their own account, surprisingly) and sent me an e-mail through Flickr. Judging by film and photo footage, their past shows have been pretty spectacular. What is different about this gallery is they way they are using the internet as a forum for artists from all over the globe to pretty much shape and curate their exhibits to a great extent. You should go for it Ian!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

yr work is awesome ian.

I agree.

I also agree that doing a joint one would be very difficult.

ian russell said...

As you say though, it's the distance. It's a long way to send stuff and I might not see it in person.

thanks, I need cheering up - it's wet, dull november and I'm missing art class because I didn't get on one this term because our stoopid ministry of education changed the rules for this year and a lot of casual teachers, including my last one, got disqualified because they don't have ''official'' papers! Can you believe it? It's not like he's teaching kids at all, he's teaching mature adults in night class.

ian russell said...

come to think of it, Steve, you're right - I think it was Flickr mail, but I get it referred to Gmail as well.

there was an excellent photographic exhibition on in town last month, students of the local college here. Really impressive. I was the only one in the room! okay, it's a small, regional town but, you know, it's crazy... Still, it's the best way to study the art effectively - in a room by oneself. ha, ha.

steve said...

Yeah, that's true Ian. Crowds really can hamper one's ability to check out an exhibit.

As for adult ed art classes, I can relate somewhat myself. For some reason we can't find "qualified" teachers (you have to have a Master's Degree) to teach at the local college out my way - the one that would help me earm my Master's Degree. So, that whole thing is on hold, and probably will never get started again - ridiculous. Like you said, this is adults who would be taught.

As for the APW shows, I can fully understand any cynnicism and caution, which is smart. But for anyone who may be interested, just check out their site for yourself. As a final precaution/confirmation, I'll be physically bussing myself and my pieces to the gallery in a few months and will talk to the owners in person. Sometimes things seem too good to be true, and with so many scams nowadays, who knows what's valid. From what I gathered, the owners/curators are a few young artists themselves, working in an expennsive city, trying to launch a decent space and be a part of an international art scene/community. So, I guess I'll be the proverbial gunea pig and take the leap of faith. I'll make sure to post about my experience(s) at my blog and keep folks updated regarding concerns and questions.

Andrea said...

Wow Steve, this looks really cool! I am definitely going to get involved in the sketchbook exhibit opportunity. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Jess said...

Holy crappers... I totally want to do this!


Painting on vinyl? How cool.

They don't even take as asshole-amount of commission! I'm signing up! And Steve, you are really going to be at the receptions? I would love to see photos...!

Also, I seriously owe you an e-mail... forgive me! :D

steve said...

Awesome! And Jess, don't worry about the e-mail! Hope more are willing to participate. I'll definitely take photos.