Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moly delays - HELP!

Hi all,

I am writing to ask all of your advice. I got an email from Willie saying he still hasn't received his October Moly and neither have I. Do we need to factor in an extra month to let people catch up? I am not sure what to do. Do you have any advice? Would the late workers mind chiming in and letting us know if another month would help? I know we all lead busy lives, and this is a challenge for everyone, so I'd like to open things up for a discussion.

I personally feel that when I only have 5 or 10 days to complete someones Moly that I am shortchanging the owner of the book, I don't get to spend as much time on the work as I would like to.

I am going to send a link to this out to the whole group via e-mail. Please comment so we know what everyone thinks.

Thanks and I appreciate each and every one of you!!


Jess said...

So first off, I'm really sorry I've been slow with mine!

The one I'm working on now, John's, is 2 pages away from being finished, but "life" has been happening (medical stuff), and I feel like I would rather delay the sending and finish my ideas in a good way, than just toss off the last two pages to make a deadline.

I realize that I created one of the first bottlenecks, but I'm kind of visualizing the handoff of moles as something like traffic flow, where things may get stuck but the progression is still steady.

I would like everyone to just check in and say who has what mole... are we all still here? I haven't been following the blog in the last couple weeks so I may not be up to date on things.

Anyway, I have John's, and it should be out within the week.

steve said...

Hey Andrea. I'm cool with whatever timespane you or anyone else needs. A month works well for me, but more time is ok too. People get busy, etc, so there should be no pressure. I know Andrea, I've consistentlt recieved mine from you on time, but if you can't make it, no problem there. Whatever works!

milo said...

I guys, i'm flexible as well.. i've been drawing in another sketchbook at my leisure and cutting and pasteing (sp?) into which ever moly I'm working on... that allows Ian to be late (if he needs to be)... and for me to still keep my deadline to Mary...

milo said...

wow, nice typos... sorry

Rrramone said...

I'm fine with taking a month to let everyone catch up! :-)

Andrea said...

That's a great idea Milo ... I will start on something with the idea of putting it into the moly when it arrives!

Don't worry Jess I understand that life happens. I just want to try and run this here exchange as efficiently as possible. There are others running behind as well.

We'll work it out, so far I am sensing that everyone who has commented so far would be okay with factoring an extra month to get all caught up … or even just proceeding on as we are with a few bottlenecks.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I have Willie's Mole and am working on a drawing and have one more to do after that. Things have been really busy here, but I will probably finish on time.

I wouldn't mind extra time, but I probably don't need it. I'm certainly not in a rush, anyway, so if people need more time, that's OK with me.

ian russell said...

There's no rush, no outside agency breathing down our backs - we make our own deadlines. The deadline is there to keep things nicely rolling along - if there's a jam in the line we have to fix it, and not beat ourselves up over deadlines.

People have reasonable excuses why they can't produce work on the day and I don't see why we shouldn't help them out. I'm in no hurry to finish this project.

Johnnynorms said...

I'm fine with an extra month, or 2 weeks, or whatever is needed for a catch up.

I certainly won't complain if Jess you delay for my book! And as it so happens, I am 3 pages into your own mole - so we must be more or less half way through the project.

Nice to have the heat off suddenly, as a lot of life is happening here too! But I need a deadline to prevent eternal procrastination..

My word verify is 'fiery' - nicely fireworks related!

Andrea said...

Okay team, I am sensing that I am being a little overbearing here ... sorry. We will proceed on as we have, if people need extra time they should take it. If you are worrried about a Moly not reaching you, contact the sender it and see what is up. Communication is the key here.

I am like Johnnynorms, I need a deadline to keep me on track. I appreciate everyone giving input. You guys are an awesome group to be working with!

Happy Friday!