Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aya Rosen - All Done! (for now)

moleskin exchange 4-41/2

moleskin exchange 4-41/2

Finished my pages yesterday, I liked doing the "half" page and really curious to see what the next person, which is going to be Anders Pearson form NYC (my book is basically going across town...) will do with it.
I'm going to make some cool thing to put in the pocket next, I have a couple of idea, now I just need to choose one.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I'm continuing to love these mole pix. And the birds in them!!!!! That's some hairdo(s)! Nice linework and use of selective color.

steve said...

Really beautiful drawings Aya - very elegant.

Emily said...

wah~ so pretty!!! cant wait to see the other ideas .....your so talented and creative :D

henniemavis said...

Holy smokes, Aya, you are motivated! I'd better get crackin' as Sept. 15th will be here in no time. Your drawings are inspiring!

Andrea said...

Aya, if you want to ship early, since you are done, that is a-ok. Just check with Anders and make sure it is okay with him.

Way to jump out of the gates!