Saturday, August 8, 2009


hello kitty cold call message pads (felt pens)

john bolton moustache game (micron & felt pens, card, masking tape & found watercolour set)

yogabotics (micron pen & polychromos pencils)

bonding (caran d'ache neocolor crayons)

just who is thelma ritter? (graphite)

I guess this is my last post! I hope the next round will be as fun as this one has. I shall be watching you!


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOnderful wonderful works! I particularly like the last one, but I love them all, they are crazy, humorous, fun and well done and WE WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!

henniemavis said...

Ian, I despair that you are leaving just as I enter, you heartbreaker you! Now I will get NONE of your orig art in my book. And your last posts here really rub my nose in it. Hello Kitty is great. As is Yogabotics (I practice yoga, so this is very funny to me). And the moustache kit, oh my God. Your ideas are clever, you execution fun. It's a good thing you're well out of reach, buster, or I may have had to slap you in mock indignation :-)
Good work!

Andrea said...

Yogabotics and moustache game? Bravo Ian!!

As Mary and Hennie have said ... you are going to be sorely missed.

ballookey said...

I was going to have a breakdown because one of my ideas for this round involved a scene from our neighborhood with Hello Kitty, but if Ian's not joining this next round, then I'm TOTALLY DOING IT.

That's a shame though, it's such awesome work! Great stuff!

steve said...

Wonderful Ian! Seeing these pages confirms in my mind just how much you'll indeed be missed. Thanks for participating my friend!

ian russell said...

he, he, thanks. hey, go ahead with the kitty, she's not mine. just that someone sent me a note on hello kitty paper once.

henniemavis, me too with the yoga - iyengar. you don't think of 'bots as being supple enough but, boy, can they focus! I was thinking about some T-shirts because, you know, yoga and Ts are like ham and eggs, but I wonder how successful those online T-shirt stores are. there's a lot of them and I don't know if it'll be disappointing.

have fun!

Johnnynorms said...

Great new batch Ian - i feel privileged to have swapped with you! I like them all. The custard swirl is very Asterix - still in fashion after all these centuries..

ian russell said...

johnny, oh yes!! unintentional but I am a fan of asterix comics. to be honest I think there was a nigel molesworth influence in those tashes. ;o)

henniemavis said...

@Ian: here's one Yogabotics t-shirt presold, as long as you offer women's US-size med, and overseas shipping... which will cost me more than the shirt, but hey, it's just that clever.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I think you have to do a lot of promotion in order to be visible with the T-shirt thing.