Thursday, December 17, 2009

personal work


So, I didn't get the book that was supposed to be send out a couple of days ago yet. I guess it'll get here when it gets here.

However, it did leave me more time to work on my own book which is pretty cool.

Those 2 paintings are very inspiered by what I've been working on for "moleskine exchange"
I feel like the need to work on both side of the page and in double spreads rather then single page, made me relate to the whole page in a different way and also, to the whole book in a different way then I did before.

It's really nice to discover new stuff about art, after doing it for so long.

Those looks so much better larger then small - and you can see them at full size, or just about, here and here.


steve said...

These are both really amazing. I really admire the fact that you can discipline yourself to sit down and make art like this.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Wonderful detail. Love the complexities in the background and as always, love the birds. Glad I looked at the big ones.

Andrea said...

Sorry you are frustrated with the books being behind. Unfortunately, it is the nature of the beast with these exchanges, folks fall behind. It is a busy time of year, I hope you get the book soon. In the meantime, you are creating some lovely work in your own Moly, thanks for sharing it with us!

ballookey said...

These are gorgeous!

Mike Kline said...

These really are gorgeous! Wow! I mean Wow!

Mike Kline said...

These really are gorgeous! Wow! I mean Wow!