Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Everyone!

So, I don't have a book right now, but I missed posting here, so I'm going to post some images of my Halloween costume. I don't like dressing up, but this year I was invited to a halloween party at Etsy, so it had to be good...

I hate the idea of spending money on something that get thrown out the day after, so I decided to make a costume from stuff I had at home and not spend any money on it, I tea dyed an old white dress and an old shirt Ned and I bought years ago for a shoot. Then painted on it with liquid acrylic paint. I made the mask from a cardboard box and found a branch to hold it.


Ned hates dressing up even more then me, he wear the same outfit every day (dark blue jeans, black t-shirt, sneakers) but I made him a crow mask, so he can wear his regular cloths and still be in costume.


Ammon said...

Aya, that is really creative and well done.

Kier Chu said...

cool!. Nice blog and articles.
nice pictures, what did you use to get those pictures?
anyways i think i like your blog because i can get some ideas, thanks for sharing :>

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with loving prayers, Kier

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Far out! That's wonderful! Very creative and fun! I just went as a witch.

roma said...

I love it!! I'm like you--I kind of refuse to buy Halloween outfits, unless it's something cool a bright orange wig I'll wear now and then. :)

Something Different said...

I agree, very well done.
How cool to be invited to a a party at Etsy, I bet is was great.

Ellen said...