Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ballookey's Round 4 Book

Of course I shipped this way later than I ought to have. I'm sorry for the poor cell phone pics - I was determined to get to the post office no matter what, so I figured since it's my book, it's OK if I don't have the best pictures of it.

Page 1: Just inside the cover, a TARDIS. As much as I love Doctor Who, I've never tried to draw anything remotely Whovian. I had meant to draw the TARDIS and then cut the doors so they folded open, but then I realized drawing it at this angle, while more dynamic, meant the doors would open angled and so I didn't bother cutting through. Next time!

Moleskine Exchange Round 4

Page 2: Since I decided not to cut open the doors, this page didn't serve quite the same purpose. I stuck a few stickers on it - I drew the bunny and owl ones. If anyone else would like to add stickers or postage stamps, feel free. I'll be including bunny and owl stickers in the pockets of people's books.

Moleskine Exchange Round 4

Page 3: You've seen:

Moleskine Exchange Round 4

Page 4: I drew this in after page 5. I only meant to draw something that didn't clash with page 5, so simple black ink for this Andalusian stallion.

Moleskine Exchange Round 4 Moleskine Exchange Round 4

Page 5: this is a sketch that Dawn Wolf from Art of Dawn made in my sketch book during Wondercon. (also illustrator of Zombie Ranch web comic.)

Moleskine Exchange Round 4

Some slightly better photos I took earlier:

Dawn Wolf & Andalusian

Page 6: I've been playing Bioshock Infinite, and I was maybe inspired by that to draw this songbird. It's not really the one from the game as I haven't gotten to a part where I see that bird very clearly yet, but I know it's important to the plot, so I just drew a steampunk-y bird and let it flow to page 7 for Andrea to finish. I don't know what it has to say, that would be printed on the scroll that spools from it's beak, so it'll be interesting to find out. :)

Moleskine Exchange Round 4 Moleskine Exchange Round 4Moleskine Exchange Round 4

I received Aya's book yesterday and am sketching in it tonight, so I'll post some progress shots as soon as I have something. I love the image she put on the back pocket... ;)


merrytait said...

Very cool stuff, each one precious and different. Love the songbird and the sexy cat and the stallion, each for different reasons--also the cop tower--fab work.

Andrea said...

I love the work you did in this book. the horse is simple and lovely.
I have yet to start working in it as I have been attending to a sick family member.
It is top on my to-do list this week tho.