Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fail Whale from Andrea in Ballookey's book.

Hi all, I got a whole lot of nothing done in Ballookey's book.  I am going to mark my pages and mail it on to Mary as to not make her fall behind.  Never fear Ballookey, I will catch it next time.  I have not had much time at home this month with sick parents and a funeral for my Grandmother in Colorado.

I vow to do better.  I'm still here, just limping along right at this moment.  I will recover!

I did a little decorating in the front of Ballookey's book when I first got it and managed to get the collab page started for Mary.


merrytait said...

Life is just like that sometimes. You're still the Andrea we know and love. :-D <3

merrytait said...

And the collab looks fun!

Something Different said...

Thanks Mary

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Is the whole thing the collab or just the second page?