Sunday, May 12, 2013

Last one in this cycle of Round 4 in Andrea's: Moray Eel

Moray Eel
mixed media
by me, Mary Stebbins Taitt
first half of a collaboration with Mike Kline
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Normally, When I am doing a collaboration with Mike, first half, I like to work in somewhat graphic black and white to make it easier for him to collaborate with me.  However, I had just received new acrylics from my kids for Mother's Day (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!) and wanted to play with them.  You know, kids with new toys?

This is a two page spread.  The first 1/4 of the spread (half a page) is with the new acrylics. The second quarter (1/2-page) is with a combination of watercolor, gouache and acrylics.  Then, 1/8 spread (1/4 page in black watercolor, followed by Faber-Castelle pigment pens.  The purpose of all that was to hopefully create something to which Mike could easily attach his work.  (I hope).

Mike, please feel free to change any part of this piece, add to it, darken it, whatever, to make it work with your style.  This could be one long eel, an eel coming out of a hole, two eels entwined, an eel being scooped up by a new, or any number of things--so I hope you enjoy it, Mike.

This completes my work in Andrea's mole.  I have to gather up the pocket items, which I have already posted quite some time ago, and pack up the mole, but since it is Sunday, I cannot mail it.  Mike, it should be on its way to you within a few days.


ballookey said...

Cool transition, Mary - I'll be interested in seeing where Mike takes this.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, Ballookey. I need to work a little on the transition--I mean next time--as it isn't as smooth as I would like.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

By the way, I sent the book to Mike, Mike.