Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ammon's Answers

1.) What was your favorite aspect of this exchange? Drawing Stuff

2.) Your least favorite aspect and/or what would you do differently? Not having all of the time that I would like to have given to these thanks to a large helping of school.

3.) Are you going to join the second round? Why or why not? No. While this has been a lot of fun to do and in many ways I have learned from all of you life is becoming more hectic with more and more work. I think that I will just keep following the blog.

4.) How can I improve this exchange? –give us free muskrats

I really don't like moleskins anymore. The don't allow enough diversity in medium like many less expensive sketchbooks do. Of course the title of the exchange would sort of lack its special character if it was called Random Cheap Sketchbook Exchange.

5.) How does this exchange compare to others you participate in or have seen on the net? Just the number of pages to complete

6.) Give a shout out of appreciation to one group member that made this exchange special for you. Andrea, of course for leading the whole dern thing and keeping us motervated and her very unique work.

7.) I love sending out art related gift packages, would you like one? Yes, absolutely.


henniemavis said...

Oh my. I had to stop reading for almost a full minute after #4, to finish laughing. I'm bummed that you are bowing out of the exchange about the time I hope to get in. Talented & a hoot, what a loss for the group!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

We'll REALLY miss you!

Andrea said...

Ammon, you will be sorely missed! Thanks for your great work and your wonderful sense of humor.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Ammon is hilarious!!!

steve said...

Ammon, thanks for participating good man. You'll be missed but your participation is greatly appreciated!

Ammon said...

Thanks everyone. It has been fun. I will keep following the blog. I hope everyone has a great time with round 2.

I still have Willie's book to finish up.