Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three more confirmed participants!

Thraxil from Flickr:


And HOORAY! Milo from round 1 has decided to continue on into round 2.

Guess what that means? If Willie and Ian are a go then we have 12 participants!


This is going to be an awesome group!!

Take the weekend to MAKE SURE you are going to be able to ...
buy and work in the A4 Moleskine,
commit to doing 5 pages in each of the 12 participants books,
ship your books out on the 15th of each month,

Willie and Ian, we would really like to have you in this group!! Please make your final decisions and let me know.

Meanwhile, I will work on getting the new folks' mailing addresses and decide on the shipping order.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YAY! Great news. I;m hoping my new molies will come soon!

I got a package today, YAY! THANK YOU--and made a new moley picture in my returned Moley and will post it when I get time--I made it with my new pens and I picked them out in random order and used of of them and nothing else.

So glad Milo is still with us--HOPE Ian and Willie continue on.

steve said...


ian russell said...

Sorry but I'm afraid I'm going to have to miss out this round, Andrea. My heart is keen but I know I did struggle to keep up with the last three books what with other stuff happening - I still need to finish Milo's last page!

I shall definitely follow the next round and, who knows, maybe I'll join in round three. I really got a lot from the exchange, thanks guys! My book, which I now have back, is absolutely fantastic! I'll post my finished pages if you'd like to see them (when I do them).

Here's to Art! Cheers!

Andrea said...

Thanks for letting me know Ian. We are going to miss you in the second round. :( Thank you for the wonderful work you did in round 1.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

We will miss you TERRIBLY, Ian! (But I don't want to beg--you need to do what you need to do--BUT I LOVE YOUR WORK! I do hope you'll come back in round three--thanks for your contributions and you work in MY moley, LOL!!!!! YAY!