Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mary's answers

Steve's answers were very close to what I would write! Oh, and Ian's too, I missed his somehow.

1.) What was your favorite aspect of this exchange?

  1. Seeing the work close up and personal IN PERSON!
  2. Getting all your wonderful work in my moley--YAY!
  3. Being part of the exchange and learning from all of you and seeing the work on-line.

2.) Your least favorite aspect and/or what would you do differently?

  1. feeling I wasn't as good as the rest of you and being embarrassed about my failures.
  2. not being being able to see all the work personally. (but it would be expensive [and maybe dangerous] to send around a second time).

3.) Are you going to join the second round? Why or why not?

If you will have me, yes! I loved it! I am working on a novel now, so I hope I can mesh the two agreeably.

4.) How can I improve this exchange?

I don't see how you could. It was nearly perfect as it was.

5.) How does this exchange compare to others you participate in or have seen on the net?

I was concurrently in another group and the people did not all take it as seriously. Some failed to do work in my book. I was disappointed. (Some however did wonderful work.) The other group kept to the schedule much better BUT the result was worse work sometimes. I started later but got my book back earlier BUT would have preferred to get it later with better work.

6.) Give a shout out of appreciation to one group member that made this exchange special for you.

  1. Everyone was wonderful! I loved the variety.
  2. Milo decorated my envelopes and I loved getting them.
  3. Some of the work was astoundingly good and blew me away!
  4. I am deeply grateful to everyone. Thank you. :-D

7.) I love sending out art related gift packages, would you like one?

I would love one, but I feel guilty accepting a gift from you when YOU did all the work organizing. We should be sending YOU gifts! But yeah! Sure, send it along. :-D


steve said...

Mary, it's so good to have you on board. Your work is excellent and adds to the variety in our books - something I forgot to mention as another aspect I enjoy from this group.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much Steve! I really appreciate the vote of confidence! Everyone is so GOOD!

Andrea said...

Mary, it has been lovely having you in this group. You should not be worried about how your work compares to the rest of ours! I wanted you in the group because you love creating, the variety of what you create is vast and lovely, you have a passion for life and art that inspires all of us. You are not afraid to break out of one certain style and try any and everything under the sun.

I am with you in wanting to see all of the completed books, the work is so lovely as the books come around and you get to see what people have done up close and personal. I could not agree with you more on that aspect.

I want to thank you Mary, for your dedication to this group. You kept us informed of when you would be gone for a few days, you commented on everyones work and really helped make this feel like a community. Stay tuned for round two!

for some reason I cannot see the image you posted with your questions??? Maybe my computer is doing something wacky.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Weird, the image was there but disappeared.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I got called away as soon as I started writing a reply--was gonna write more--and repost the image.

Thank you Andreea for all you kind words.

Maybe tomorrow.