Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ian's almost finished....

I think my favourite aspect would be a close run thing between seeing my favourite art bloggers' work in the flesh, and being obliged to complete seven pages of drawings in another's book - I liked that because, for me, art is purely a pleasure in life and wouldn't necessarily get done what with all the other stuff happening around me.

My least favourite has (still) to be the moleskines themselves: too small, too shiny, too yellow, too much bleeding bleed-through. I think they're ideal for this project because they're robust for all that mailing but I prefer most other papers for drawing and painting.

Head: I probably won't join the second round.
Heart: I probably will join the second round.

I think you've done an excellent job, Andrea. Speaking selfishly, I think it might be improved by more participants doing fewer pieces. I would prefer to put all my time and soul into one or two better efforts than seven less happy efforts. A thinner sketchbook maybe.

This is my first exchange and I haven't really followed any others. The concertina ones look interesting.

I've been impressed by everyone but if I had my arm twisted I would have to say Ammon Perry! This exchange introduced me to Ammon's work, I hadn't come across Ammon before. I can't describe why but I love his style! It's the sort of thing I've always been into myself for a long time but he does it so differently to me, and anyone else. Go, Ammon! keep it up, mate. And everyone too!

Gift packages? No, just send the cash.... ;o) Just kidding. I would worry about the cost of mailing!


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

OH, I missed this one! GREAT ANSWERS, IAN! AND I Adore your work!

steve said...

Ian, hope to have you on board again!

Andrea said...

Ian, thank you for the thoughtful answers.

I like your thoughts about less pages so that there can be more concentration on fewer pieces. That makes me think perhaps we should move to the bigger Moleskines. They have fewer pages, but are bigger. Have you seen them?

I can understand your critique of the Moleskines. The shine and bleed through are not my favorite either. I am open to other sketchbooks as this project progresses in the future and if you join up for round two, your book does not have to be a Moly. I would request that it just be around the same size as whatever books we decide on.

Thank for picking Ammon, his work has so much character and joy in it. I am so pleased he decided to join our little group knowing how busy he has been with school.