Friday, July 24, 2009

Johnnynorms' answers

1.) What was your favorite aspect of this exchange?
Getting each book in the post, excitedly but carefully unwrapping, and seeing everyone's art for real. Shame we missed out on most of the next person's in the list.

2.) Your least favorite aspect and/or what would you do differently?
Sweating 4 pages out, and then realising I wasn't finished. In future I would try not to procrastinate so badly. Try to not worry so much about turning in different ideas all the time - that was sort of my own generated pressure.

3.) Are you going to join the second round? Why or why not?
I'm still fretting over this one. The same recklessness that drew me in before is ticking away, but at the same time I feel I need the space and time and lack of pressure to pursue some other lines of artistic thought away from the books. Prevarication station.

4.) How can I improve this exchange?
For me, a few more people, and slightly less pages. I think the initial number was fine, just that some people dropped out and the number dwindled.

5.) How does this exchange compare to others you participate in or have seen on the net?
I'm sure it's one of the bestest most original exchanges out there, but I haven't really looked enough to say so - just a hunch.

6.) Give a shout out of appreciation to one group member that made this exchange special for you.
I don't think this is Andrea angling for a shout, but she gets mine! (Organising; encouraging; & inspiring art). There were many great pieces of work in my book from all…I found Jessie's pages especially stunning.

7.) I love sending out art related gift packages, would you like one?
I would love an art related gift package, but you may have to have one in return!


Andrea said...

John! I love that you put a creative mugshot of yourself, great idea!

Thank you for your comments, I hope it didn't seem like I was angling for shout outs for myself, that was not the case at all. Thank you for recognizing Jess, her work is ridiculously good. I especially like the last set she did where human bodies had animal heads. GASP!

A gift package in return, you say?!? Just the thought of that makes me squeal with joy!

I truly hope that you participate in the next round, but I completely understand moving on to other creative ventures. Who knows you may want to return for round three! ;)

Johnnynorms said...

On the angling angle - not at all, just my jest. And not only do you make the exchange special, but you make us all feel special too.

Yes: a spontaneously thought of gift package. I've no idea what's going to be in it yet, but it's now officially on my to do list!