Friday, July 10, 2009


In my returned moleskine, I pasted the picture Milo made on my
envelope and then dis this quick sketch--I need to do better to live
up to the quality of all your work!! I played with it a little in
Photoshop and will print that and paste it next to the sketch. And
from now on, I won't attempt anything unless I have more time to
work!! (I also picked up a bad pen! There's no undo button on the moleskine!)

Later: I've been fiddling with the image I made in the returned Moleskine, and I think I'm finally done fiddling, maybe. This will be the image (I think) that I will paste in it across from the sketch. (Top: "final" (?) image, 2: original scan, 3: first adjustments.


Andrea said...

I really love that spiral nose and those lips!

steve said...

That's part of the charm though Mary! Very cool.

Jacob said...

I like it a lot; very creative.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much Andrea, Steve and Jacob.

(Only I've now decided maybe I'm not quite done yet.) (I want a little more "texture").