Wednesday, April 30, 2008

biting the bullet: "detail" from first sketch

Are we supposed to be waiting for specific instructions? Are we having themes or anything? I just bit the bullet and did my first sketch. I was kind of afraid to get started, so I just plunged in and did a self-portrait. It was sketched from a photograph at the State Fair in NY taken by my daughter. It doesn't look quite like me, as likenesses are hard for me. And I made myself look younger than I really am, LOL! And it didn't scan all that well. I only included a detail since you will all see the actual sketch when the moleskine gets around to you.


ian russell said...

are you expecting something like in Mission Impossible? I know I am... your mission, should you decide to accept.... this moleskine will self-destruct in five seconds. good luck!

The film I'm going for is Tampopo - do you know it? Like the ancient moleskine master, I am studying my moleskine carefully before opening it. I can't get over how small it is! I mean, it is thick - but small. Like a bar of chocolate.... mmmmmm!

ian russell said...

I think self-portraits are the way to go, I really do. you always have a handy model. though not often a handy owl. I must say it is looking very exciting, mary!

It is my first moleskine too and I'm feeling the same way. Well, I didn't know about the reward either! do we put a fiver in the pocket at the back or what? I believe honesty and trust to be good virtues...

Andrea said...

No specific instructions, no theme, ANYTHING goes! I always enjoy your self protraits Mary!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thank you all. I am still having a real fluttery feeling about this. Eeek!

Yeah, that reward thing is weird, printed right into the book like that.

On several occasions, I lost my wallet, and people sent them back intact with all the cards and all the cash--and once with everything but the cash. (Someone had apparently stolen it from my car and tossed it out the window and another person saw it in the ditch and left it in my mailbox.

One guy was grumpy with me because I sent a small reward and he didn't think it was big enough. I guess he thought he deserved half of the cash in the wallet at least.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I loved that movie. LOL!

To Approach ALL of life like that. Ah, now that is savoring.