Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Monday!

We are moving right along here. Moleskines are being ordered, people are sending me their mailing info, ideas are starting to float around my head for the first round of pages.

I have not heard back from Will Schaff, so I am assuming he is not going to join us. Ian and Michelle are on the fence, they are concerned that 7 pages are too much for 3 weeks at a time over the course of the whole year. What does everyone think about extending the time we have the books to a full month? Ian, Michelle, would this help? Ian also wants to know if he has to be held to the full 7 pages. Say he can only get to 3 or 4, is that okay with everyone? I told him I would put it out to the group and let everyone weigh in. This is my first attempt at organizing a Moleskine exchange, so everyone bear with me, we'll get all the details ironed out soon.

One thing you should all know about me, I spend the weekends away from the computer. So, if you write me on a Saturday or Sunday don't expect to hear back from me until Monday, okay?!


Andrea said...

Ian confirmed!

Ammon said...

I can do whatever, I am in no matter the time frame.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I don't care either way. But then again, I haven't tried to do 7 sketches in three weeks and may find it onerous? Dunno.

I'm joined up and have my moleskin and I wrote a little blurb about myself on the page where you write your name and address.

ian russell said...

Yes, I will make every effort to do 7 pages. But it's prudent to be flexible on workload because we never know what's around the corner...

but I think a month is best, including mailing time. It's neat and easy to remember - you know you have to mail it on the same day each month.

Jess said...

I absolutely don't mind if people cut back from 7 pages, although... I think how many pages you fill up depends on how high your personal standards are at the moment. I bet they will fluctuate throughout the course of this project. :D

In my experience, doing circular trades like this usually ends up taking longer than anyone expects, so we should be prepared for that. I think it helps to have a (somewhat) relaxed attitude. Also, if possible, I suggest that you do delivery confirmation when shipping the books... USPS likes to make things vanish occasionally.

I don't know what type of confirmation is available for overseas shipping... whatever it is probably costs an insane amount of postage, so whatever. :)

Andrea said...

Jess brings up some great points, we all need to be relaxed and have fun with this!

7 pages is the goal, but if you don't make that, no one is going to freak out. The idea is just to share work and create a community!

I opened my Moleskine last night and counted the pages, (can anyone say OCD) there are actually 106 pages in there, so if you want you can do up to 8. I am sure each month will be different, go with the flow, be respectful, and have fun!