Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome!

This group, started by Andrea Martinez, is an extension of the many other Moleskine Exchanges going on all over the world. This blog will follow the adventure of a group of artists around the world, in a large Moleskine sketchbook exchange.

Each artist will set off with a large Moleskine sketchbook, creating a drawing, collage, or painting - anything goes here folks. Each artist will draw on (7 is our current number) pages in the book and then send it on to the next artist. Please note, a page in this case is considered one side of the piece of paper, we will be using front and back. When the artist’s book is filled, it will be returned to the owner with images created by artists around the world. Each artist has 3 weeks to make an entry and get the book mailed off to the next artist. The outcome will be a pleasant and surprising adventure, as artists are encouraged to interact and merge their art with others. Artists are also encouraged to submit to this blog, whatever steps they wish.

The concept:

1. The artists start with the large Moleskine sketchbook - Name, address, email address written in book.

2. Each artist gets 3 weeks to make a sketchbook entry, and mail it to the next person. The order will be posted soon.

3. Each artist will do 7 pages.

4. Artists are encouraged to interact with other images in the book. Please be respectful.

5. When the book is full, the book will be sent back to its original owner. Once this round is complete we will determine if we all want to go around again or substitute in other artists.

6. If an artist decides not to continue, he or she will simply keep their book when it comes back to them. The artist should email all of the participants to say they are not going to continue. We will decide, then, if we want to find a new person.

7. Please communicate regularly via email. Let each person know that you have received/sent the book. The goal is to have a dialogue. Any comments and questions are welcome.


Ammon said...

Andrea you are really, really good at all of this.

ian russell said...

I'm easily confused...

there are 200 sides of paper in a moleskine, but 7 sides x 14 contributors = only 98 sides.

3 weeks - does this include the anticipated mailing time (which might be up to a week!)

'encouraged to interact and merge with previous artists' work'. I'm not sure about this, if I'm honest.

my big concern is what exactly is required to go in. are there to be no rules or guidelines or prompts? I probably worry too much about quality control...

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Maybe we will be leaving the back sides blank?

I'm a little confused too--are we making ONE sketch per round? Or more?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Are we doing 7 at a sitting (in the 3 weeks?) Sorry to be so dulls.

I just COUNTED the "pages" in mine.

There were 52 LEAVES (or 104 pages) not counting the flyleaves.

The flyleaf is actually sketchable on 3 sides, 2 on the back and one on the front which makes, on my copy, a total of 107 sketchable pages.

The book contains and expandable pocket at the back.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

While I was buying the one for our group, I also bought a water color one and a pocket one.

Johnnynorms said...

I'm not sure either about interact & merge Ian - I will endeavour to reflect what has gone before, but as I'm not a great sketcher, it's more likely to get a bit abstract in typical Elbowroom fashion, so until I see someone's book before me, and I start contributing, I have no idea how it'll go.

I vote an extra week for posting of book. What happens if a book disappears in the post? Should we use registered post.

Moleskine ordered by the way, I didn't find one in Paperchase, London.

Andrea said...

I am considering a page one side. So if you do a full spread of the book that would be 2 pages.

There are 106 sides in my moleskine. I counted.

Kathrin said...

Nice project, I'm looking forward to see the works.
I beg to add that the creator of the Moly exchange project's idea, concept and guidelines is Marty Harris.
Good luck for your project!