Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let's Roll!

Start things off by filling up the first 7 pages of your own book. The mailing dates are the 15th of each month. I have decided to make the length of time a month, due to everyone being busy with life and other art projects and also to factor in shipping times. Do you level best to mail on the 15th or every month. If that falls on a weekend mail it early!

Can everyone draw in and mail their books by May 15th?

If something comes up and you need an extra day or two, get in contact with the person you are mailing to, so they know when to expect the package. Keep in touch!

As soon as I get addresses from Jeannette, Michelle and Johnnynorms I will email you the addresses and email addy’s for everyone involved. Staying in touch with the folks you are mailing to and receiving from is very important.

I will send out reminder emails near the 15th of every month, to keep this on everyone’s mind.

Post pictures to the blogger site of what you have drawn, received or want to share with the group!!

In just over a year you will have your Moleskine back full of great art from all over the world!


Michelle White said...

yah! let's get started! very excited :)

Ammon said...

This sounds great.

ian russell said...

right, I better put a point on me pencil...

Andrea said...

Ian, you crack me up!

I'm not sure I've said this yet but ... THIS IS GOING TO RULE!

Also, does anyone have a contact for Jeanette?

steve said...

this will indeed rule! looking forward to it andrea!

ian russell said...

Andrea, have you tried the hotmail address at the bottom of jeanette's homepage?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...


You will be posting a mailing order soon? (Or did I miss soemthing?)

Do we mail to the same person each time?

Maybe by the end of the year I'll be a better artist, LOL!

Should we post bits and pieces (pix) on the blog?

Johnnynorms said...

That's fine by me Andea, though I'm getting twitchy with frustration as my mole hasn't turned up yet. Not that I know what on earth I'm going to put in it when it gets here!