Wednesday, April 30, 2008

decorations and blurb

I always hated/feared nice blank books if they were at all fancy. I preferred spiral notebooks or something plain and retiring. If they were fancy, I was afraid my work would deface them, so to speak.

This is my first ever Moleskine. And now I did my first defacement (but not my first sketch.)

I put my name, address, etc on the flyleaf page that says, "In case of loss, please return to," and a little blurb about myself, as suggested (I think) by Ammon.

I'm almost afraid to start my first sketch. I've never worked in a moleskine. If I work in a spiral notebook and goof it up, I can just rip out the page. (Eek!)


Jess said...

I know how you feel!

If you feel like you need to rip out a page, you could scribble it out and write "this sucks, someone please help me!" and then someone could collaborate with you and "fix" it. ;)

I put stickers on the outside of my moleskines to make them easier to identify when they're laying around. It also makes them a little less "fancy" looking. :P

Has anyone seen that book of drawings by Gregory Blackstock, Blackstock's Collections: The Drawings of an Artistic Savant? That book impressed upon me the idea that a collection of even the most humble drawings can end up being totally awesome and interesting. That guy drew some incredibly neat stuff.

Michelle White said...

jess... i love the idea of the "fix it" piece! fun

Andrea said...

A fix it page is a great idea!

Mary, I used to feel the same about the Moleskine, but let me tell you, once you get one filled up, it's an amazing feeling. When I finished my first one I was hooked! I hope this project hooks you!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love the fix it idea.

We do that with poetry. Yeah (can I label all my pages "fix it?" LOL!) (just kidding).

Andrea said...


One of my sketches is titled "flaws are charming" because everything I've done in the book thus far has a flaw! EEEK!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YAY! I'm in good company.

Not yay for your flaws, but yay that I'm not the only one. (Phew).