Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aya's book - going out at last!

MY BAD. I'm terribly late with Aya's book. The first two weeks I had it, I couldn't work on it at all because of all the work I had, so well, that's that.

Bubble Party, a recreation of an actual event (some names have been changed):

Bubble Party

Archer: I just really wanted to draw this character. It goes with the Bubble party, but probably in a really esoteric way that only makes sense to me. I had several ideas, but in the end I went with a more enigmatic image because it's not my book:


I used markers on the left side, which I tested on lighter-weight watercolor paper than is actually used in the Moleskines. On the test, the markers didn't bleed, but in the Moleskine they did, which made me very cranky. That's why there's poppies painted with acrylics in the foreground of the Bubble Party - to cover up some of the bleed-through. So having learned that lesson, I went back to watercolors on the right side.

The beginning of a collaboration with Milo (with lyric by Buck 65):
I call this one hope

The completion of the collaboration with Mike:


henniemavis said...

I love the archer! The leather straping on tentacles is very cool. Also love the flowers in the collab w/Mike. Graphic yet ornate.

ballookey said...

Thanks! The archer is my favorite too. I scanned it so that I can re-draw it in Illustrator and play around with it.

steve said...

Amazing work Ballookey! Well worth the wait I say.

Mike Kline said...

Awesome stuff!

ballookey said...

Thanks guys - I'm still trying to get back into watercolors. It's a little hit and miss, but now I'm getting excited about it, so hopefully I get better.

merrytait said...

These are really lovely and FUN!!!! Nice work!

merrytait said...

That archer is truly amazing and wonderful. So much interesting detail so well-executed.

ballookey said...

Thanks Mary!