Friday, May 14, 2010

Checking In

Hi friends,

Just wanted to send a note out to all of you. We are limping along in this exchange, great work is being created, but we are not very well on schedule. Lets not fret about that, 0kay? We've almost lost a person or two along the way, but I am happy to say we are all still here and still working. It is almost time to mail again, but I have not even gotten a book yet this month. No worries! When I do I will get my work done and get it in the mail. We can do it! Let's pull together, get the work in whatever book we have done and head to the post office. We will get there.



steve said...

Indeed! Still waiting on one to arrive, but no sweatin' it. I signed up - I'm gonna stay committed to this exchange until the end.

Mike Kline said...

I have two now thanks to Mary and her due diligence - I am hoping to finish one on Sunday to mail to Ballookey on Monday (Where has 2010 gone?).

henniemavis said...

Empty-handed here, too (whimper). Stupid Canadian Post!

Really glad no one has dropped out. Better slow than no.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Absolutely. Better slow than no!

I did already mail the one I had to Mike, as he mentioned, so I am without a mole, too, but I am working ons tuff for Willie's Mole.

Can anyone tell me what kind of mole Willie has, so I can plan ahead?

I've made some big pieces and it all of a sudden occurred to me that Willie's Mole may be the small one, in which case, I will mail the pieces I already made for WIllie directly to him and make new ones when I get the mole.

I haven't scanned them and posted them yet because I've had an overwhelmingly hectic week and a half (which is why I mailed the mole to Mike early.)

Aya Rosen said...

no book here either...

hay, if all of us are bookless, where are all the books?!