Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last ones in Andrea's, and off to Mike

I'm going to be ultra busy so I needed to get this off, which I hope to do later today. I did two acrylics.

The first is a portrait of "Sissy," the main character in some of my children's novels. I worked hard on it, but I've never had a class in acrylics or in portraiture, and it didn't come out like I wished it would. I just ordered two books on the subject and will try again. It's in a realistic/children's art style, that is, art for kids. (Eventually, hopefully, for my books).

The second one, Farewell, First Lady of the Air," is a portrait of Amelia Earhart's departure on her last flight with a lot of artist prerogative done in a semi-Expressive mode. The idea for it came from a display at the Ford Museum. (A three-D display).

The third image, "New Leaves over Water," is the last pocket item for Andrea (unless I am foiled in my attempts to mail today.) It's a small print from a painting brand new today. It's a digital smudge painting--I was fascinated by the "fall-like" colors of the new cottonwood leaves.

The images will get a little bigger if you click on them.


ballookey said...

Those leaves are really cool. I found acrylic to be somewhat challenging until I started using retarder with them that helps slow down the drying time. They still dry quick, but not as quick, which suits me just fine.

merrytait said...

I'll try that. Thanks.

I did mail Andrea's Mole to Mike.

Something Different said...

Can't wait to see these up close Mary. Thanks!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

hope you enjoy! :-D

henniemavis said...

The top painting is amazing! The bright, hot colors are kinda neat. So electric! The girl looks like I would imagine you looked as a girl :-)