Saturday, May 1, 2010

Still a Girl Without Style

How is it possible that I still seem to have no style, tho I paint & draw plenty? Isn't a distinct pattern supposed to eventually emerge? Besides bananas, I mean. Geez.

Top image: Cat drawn with a waterbase marker, then brushed with water. I still love the simplicity of this mixed-media thing. Reminds me of those books that allow kids to "paint" by brushing water over printed outlines. Same deal here, only I had to draw my own image first.

Middle image: Watercolor with black pen & clear nail polish (for shiny lips, which don't photo well). This is my token "surreal" contribution to Milo's book. Don't ask, because I can't explain it.

Bottom image: Collab for Aya, watercolor & Prisma pencil. I know, I know, another banana. At least I threw in a Bosc pear for some variety!


merrytait said...


I've been doing those brushed drawings, just posted one, but have done a bunch more--mine aren't as profession-looking as yours but they are fun and QUICK.

I love your bananas,

and all the others.

merrytait said...

The surreal one is hilarious and sort of scary at the same time--and might be a good story starter.

merrytait said...

The kitty is very cute and looks like an illo for a kids' book.

I have ADHD and can only really look at ONE picture at a time.

steve said...

Your style is any style you want to explore, and you succeed in all of them. Honestly, do see a distinct style in your work, even without the bananas.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I think your work is RECOGNIZABLE for sure!

ballookey said...

I have to agree with Steve - you do have a style. All three feel like they're done by the same hand. The subject matter might be very different, but that's not the same thing. Just explore whatever you want to explore and some day you'll look back and see it.

Aya Rosen said...

You use different techniques, that's a totally different thing then not having a style. I actually see a really strong style in those.

In art school, we were all trying to get what that allusive style thing all about, and how to get it. Eventually I learned 2 things that really helped:

1. If you can recognize someone's artwork even if it doesn't have that person's name on it - they have a style.

2. The more art you make, the stronger your style will be.

I would totally be able to recognize a Heidi piece in a group of several artwork, so that means you have a style - Ha!

Aya Rosen said...

Ho, and I just had the coolest idea for the banana and pear!

henniemavis said...

Really, you guys? You can really see a link in style from one drawing to the next, even when the themes vary? I guess I can't see it... but I'm glad it's there, then. Being on the "inside" of my own artistic effort, I can't see the results from the outer perspective. Thanks, all!