Monday, August 16, 2010

First piece for Milo's pocket

I don't have a mole (a traveling one, that is) right now, so I am working on some other projects (a Ms of poetry, a novel, some paintings). I painted ANOTHER yellow ladyslipper using the same photo I used on the one I made for Ballookey as a reference at the request of a friend--this one in gouache. I made a print of it and one of the picture I made on the iPad for Ballookey and am saving them for Milo's pocket when it arrives. I wrote a little bit about the project here, if anyone is interested. This is entirely painted with gouache. I used a rigger brush for the small water droplets. It was made from scratch on green paper. I made the original sketch in gouache, not pencil.  (It's still a big deal for me to just go ahead and paint without sketching first).


steve said...

Hey Mary, it should hopefully be at your door by today!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YAY! It's here! THANKS! WOO HOO! Love the collab piece! :-D

They are all wonderful--I'm leaving to go to the doctor, but will hopefully post about it later!!!