Tuesday, August 3, 2010

moleskins yes, exchange not yet...


Remember the new books I got last November?! well, probably not, but still, I got them because of a lot of inspiration and ideas I had through working on the first couple Moleskin exchange books. One big thing I wanted to try was working in double spreads rather then leaving blanks on the other side of each painting. The other things I wanted to try was painting on both sides of the page, just like in the "moleskine exchange" books.

So, 10 months later, and today, I finally finished the larger of the 2. I didn't use both sides of the page, but I did work on double spreads for the whole book. So now it's got 15 diptychs in it.
I intend to break the book into single (or rather double) paintings for a show I'm going to have in Louisiana next April.

The small book started with using both sides of the page, but I switch half way, though I do like how it looks as an object, I also want to reserve the possibility of breaking the book apart for exhibition purposes in the future. That book have 3 double spreads left in it, So, unless a Moleskin exchange book pops up in the near future, I'm pretty close to ending that one to.

Now - the question is, do I dare to tackle the A3 book (big problem, since I can't fit it into my bag and I love to work on my paintings from my neighborhood cafe) or get a second A4 book.
I actually ordered another A4 book tonight, but it's only going to get here on August 17, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens.


steve said...

If you feel the wait is too long, I'd tackle the A3. You completed your own A4, and working in this exchange was kind of like riding a bike with training wheels, allowing you to experiment, etc. I mean, if you have a clear vision of what you want to begin working on (or, even if not), why not jump to it? Do you have any bigger bags at all - maybe a portfolio-style bag? I know you could get a bigger paper (strong paper) portfolio bag, with handles and velcro for pretty cheap. in the meantime, big congrats on the Louisiana show! You'll have to keep us posted on that. Good luck with your decision!

Aya Rosen said...

Steve - you are absolutely correct! I'm just being a chicken cause the size is so scary, but you know what?! I'll give it a shot!


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! You are braver than I am--I got one of the biggest ones, the huge ones, thinking I would use it for the exchange, but Andrea discouraged that, and for some reason, I've been afraid to tackle it. It's been sitting in my supply drawer for months and months.

Good luck on it.

Are you posting the pix from those?

Aya Rosen said...

Mary - I got to scan them, I started ages ago, now there's so much to scan... I hate scanning.... but I want to redo my website so I must.

Started the book today. spend about an hour just on a fame and some text - have no idea how I can manage so much space. I'm not even working on a double spread, just 1 page, we'll see what happens...

ballookey said...

OK, I'm a big fat wimp. You guys are talking about larger and larger books, meanwhile I got a really tiny watercolor Mole to practice in because I wasn't happy with my watercolor work.

And I'm afraid to start it and mess it up. ;)

henniemavis said...

Aya, I admire your ambitious nature -- go get that big book, girlie!

You are one of the most prolific artists I know! One of the things I like about being in this exchange is the motivation I get from you & others thru association :-)