Friday, August 6, 2010

Moleskine Drama

Last time, on Aya's Moleskine dilemma...
I was trying to decide between braving the A3 book, or getting a second A4, while still have a couple of pages left on the 5"X8" book. Steve gave me a great encouragement, and I decided to give the big one a shot, while, because I'm a pussy, ordered a new A4 and a new 5"X8" (amazon have a good price on them now, if anyone wants a new one).

So this is what happened.
On Monday, While Ned was at the gym, I decided to go to the cafe and try out the big book, since it doesn't fit my bag, I held it in my hand. Before going to the cafe, I went to the Salvation Army and got some cloths for a shoot on Wednesday, which they packed in a big plastic bag.

Set at the cafe, filled the "name, address, return for reward $" lines, started a new drawing, basically, I did the frame and the text and painted all that a nice shade of pink.
Ned came back, I took my bag, he took the Salvation Army bag, and the Moleskine. We walked to a vintage store to talk to the woman who works there about borrowing some dresses for a shoot next Tuesday.

On the way home we met Wayne the UPS guy, he told us he left us a package in the building. We went home, got the package and Ned carried it up, I took the plastic Salvation Army bag and the book (I think...).

The day after, As I wanted to go painting out again I couldn't find the book!!! We looked everywhere, but it just wouldn't be found, I went to ask in the Vintage store and in the cafe - we didn't forget it in either places.  Looked at home again - it's not here either. Somehow either me or Ned managed to leave it somewhere and it was just gone!

So, after getting half bummed about the whole thing, and half happy for the fact that this is a new book and that at least no real artwork was lost. I decided it must be a sign and that I should wait for the new A4 and that's that.

However today at the bookstore, I realized that's a pretty defeated approach and so, at full price for the sake of immediate gratification, I bought a new A3.

I think the lesson is to find a way to lug this thing around...


steve said...

Love the story Aya, though I'm sad you lost the original. What I like is that instead of resigning yourself to thinking you weren't meant to work in the A3, you instead, went ahead and got yourself another. Now that's sheer determination, and a good example of exercising your free will!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Gosh, how sad! I hope you find a good way to carry it!!! A backpack? A new big bag> I hope you never lose another.

Maybe the lost one will still come home to you, if your name was in it. I hope so.

Ellen said...

Wow! I thought that kind of stuff only happened to me!

Aya Rosen said...

turn out I had a pretty perfect bag already! how silly is that?!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

That's great! May there be no more of such dramas!

Andrea said...

I'm really glad there was no artwork in it, that is devastating.