Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In Milo's: Homeless and Hungry #100818-1147

Homeless & Hungry #100818-1147,
In Milo's Mole, looks a little like more of the same from Willie's book, but it's a little different--straight water color, no pen and ink. And, in spite of the similarity, my theme idea is a little different, which I don't know if I'll be successful at it until I do more of them. If it works, I'll tell you the theme. Click image to view larger.

I thought I would use the water color mole for its intended purpose, water color, especially since I'm one of the loudmouths who wanted to use them. Sorry to those who don't like them.


steve said...

Really, I love it, and the watercolor Moles. I'm having a blast right now in collaborative one Andrea and i are working on. Anyhow, I love how you went in directly with the WC Mary - very successful work here!

merrytait said...

Thanks, Steve! :-D I am trying to get batter with the water colors.