Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For Willie and Balookey: Yellow Lady's Slipper Orchid

I did this "painting" with Sketchpad Pro (by Autodesk) on my iPad and am making prints of it for Willie for his pocket and for Ballookey because she helped me get started on the iPad. I did NOT touch it up on photoshop, this is straight off the iPad--I wanted it to be an untouched iPad picture. I spent several weeks working on it because Sketchpad pro is very slow (for me; I'm a newbie.) Sometimes, I used a pogo stylus, but mostly, I used my finger. I "painted" it from scratch, no photo was used. I did however, use a photo as a reference. The photo I used is one I took myself many years ago in the pouring rain. My mother stood over me with an umbrella. I did not paint all the droplets that were in the photo--that would have taken literally years to do. I just put a few representative ones in. Willie will receive his with his sketchbook. I will mail Ballookey her under separate cover to save for the pocket of her sketchbook. See that floating leaf at the bottom? I tried and tried and it would not write there. So--too bad. The floating leaf is now part of the picture. C'est la vie!


merrytait said...

Thanks Ballookey for your help! :-D

steve said...

Wow, you're good with this new-fangled gagetry Mary!

ballookey said...

Wow, this is great! My first piece on the iPad took me weeks to finish too. I think the biggest hurdle I had was getting used to the individual program's interface. It's a bit more of a learning curve when you're used to using Photoshop.

henniemavis said...

The painterly quality (blending?) of this is amazing. Hmmm... I wish I were more willing to embrace technology... I'm tempted. But I have too many learning curves in progress right now already, grr! Good for you to jump into this.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Ballookey, I'm mailing your print to Aya, who has your book, to put in the book's pocket, so it won't get lost.

Thanks, Steve, Ballookey and Hennie!

I've done a bunch of new pix, but none has the quality this one has from all the time I spent on it. (I was spending a lot of time in doctor's waiting rooms--and the iPad was perfect for that! t would have been nearly impossible to paint with real paints in those situations--waiting room to examining room etc).)

I am slow. But I am learning.

Thanks, Ballookey.

Aya, watch for the print--let me know if it arrives OK, and put it in Ballookey's pocket. THANKS!