Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anders book (round 2) The Sea

Another Tolkien poem that I like in Anders book.

I wanted to write some things about it, but I'm so tired, yesterday afternoon I learned from a guy on facebook that one of my favorite art shows from last year is having a second round and that the submission deadline was today! I decided to stay up all night and make something for the show.

The show's name is "single fare" and it's paintings done on MTA cards. Last year I did a tarot deck using those, this time due to the very short hour, I only did 12 little drawings, but I'm pretty happy with them.


And here are the metro cards:
Single fare


ballookey said...

Yet again, you amaze me! You did those twelve cards in one day? I spent all afternoon yesterday working on just one little test painting.

Both the book and the cards are gorgeous. :)

merrytait said...

The book is fab!! The colors are great, I love the wave and the foam. The cards are amazing--I can't believe you did them so fast.

Andrea said...

I want metro cards like that!