Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too many deadlines

I have two moles, Ballookey's from Round two and Gretchen's from round 3 and I will be late mailing them unless there is a miracle, which I highly doubt--AK! Sorry.

I have too much classwork due for my poetry class (the final project for the whole course is due March 15) and I also had this other exchange which I started before round 3--and didn't have the round two book at the time--it's a paint by number exchange and I'm just finishing it up.

The deal is to paint a paint by numbers picture and alter it in some way and then send a postcard to all the exchange members of the altered painting. I took the watermill picture (Reeves) which I painted (took MUCH more time than I had hoped) and I added myself and some feathers.

In apology to Balookey and Gretchen for being late with their books, I am adding them to the list of the exchange people for the PbNs exchange so that they will receive my postcards for the exchange to save for their mole pockets. This will take a week to ten days. Watch for your postcards, gals.

I apologize to everyone. I have started the moles, but not finished yet. Click postcard to view larger.


roma said...

Wow, this is so wonderful. So much detail! Love it.

ballookey said...

Oh dear. You've gone and made me want to do a paint by numbers in the worst way.

I love hijacking the paint by numbers to make it your own piece - so cool!