Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moleskine Surgery

I have a solo art show next month in Louisiana, as a part of it, I'm taking a couple of my Moleskine apart. It's one of those things that I always said I'm going to do if the opportunity arise, but never actually did.

There's something really, well, odd, about taking apart a book. Both technically (those Moleskines are so well made, it's really frightening to deal with all the thread and glue, but also emotionally, it's almost like the art is protected as long as it's in the book, and becomes all exposed once it's out.

Well, the operation was a success, no art was harmed in the process...

I'm going to have to do the same to a big A$ book in a day or two (scary thought).


roma said...

How cool to use the theme of playing cards. And glad to know how to do the Moleskine surgery should the need arise. I can understand how tough emotionally that must have been. I have drawings in notebooks that I've been asked to sell but have been reluctant to because in my mind I can't take them out. So the "letting go" continues...

Oh, I did want to ask, what do you do about the pages being double-sided? Are you going to display them in a way that will allow people to see both sides, or are you picking one side over the other to display?

merrytait said...

WOW! These look great--so colorful and pretty! What a lot of work--emotionally draining, too--upsetting!

That's a good question about the double-sided pages!

I saw some museum displays of double-sided pages between two sheets of plexi so you could walk around them and see both sides.

I did some playing cards a whole back--only I had things like the Z of spades. (Z for Zebra). I was going to make a whole deck of them, but ran out of steam--maybe I will make a kids book--that's my latest thing with ny new grand child.

Something Different said...

Nicely done, these look great all layed out together.

I am with Roma tho, this type of surgery would be too painful for me.

LaRon said...

i live in louisiana! is it new orleans? because i would love to go!