Sunday, March 6, 2011

Buddy Holly in Mary's Book

I have enjoyed learning about the sad story of Buddy Holly and the circumstances surrounding his death. He was so very close to riding that bus.


Aya Rosen said...

I love buddy holly! and the illustration is super awesome!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! That us phenomenal! (I remember something something about it, but have forgotten the details! I'll have to do some research.

I love this fabulous work and am glad it's in my book!

ballookey said...

Very cool - I love your portraiture. They're so full of life and energy! :)

Something Different said...

When I first saw this I thought the bus was a harmonica and he was happily tossing it over his shoulder.

Great illo, Ammon!

roma said...

Such a tragic story, Buddy Holly and the plane crash. Yep, he should have taken the bus. Does anyone here not like taking planes? I take them all the time but often when I'm right in the middle of the ocean between continents, I get a horrible sense of claustrophobia. If I think about it for too long, I freak out.

I love your style, Ammon. Mostly though, I love how all these unique styles blend together to create such amazing finished books. So excited.

mollypeck said...

Ammon, I really, really love your work-- the portraits are blowing me away!