Monday, March 28, 2011

JACOB AND THE MERBOY last one in Ballookey's

I wanted to put text on, but stupidly, I forgot to leave room! :-(

This is from (for) my as yet unfinished children's picture book, tentatively titled Jacob, Merjon and the Great Fish. By unfinished, I mean I haven't even finished writing it--I do have a first draft. This page comes earlier in the book than the previous one and they are not contiguous or continuous in the book.

These are the only pieces I've made so far--I haven't decided on a medium, but I may actually use these (or the scans of them) IF I can clean them up OK. (Otherwise, they may be "studies" for the book.) They did not scan perfectly because my scanner is not that great and the nook is not flat. This page has an acrylic painting on the other side. You can see the texture of it right through the paper.

Anyway, I have finished with the art in Ballookey's book and in a few days, will get it packaged up and sent off to Mike Kline. Click once (and then again) to view the image larger.


Aya Rosen said...

This is so beautiful. I can't wait to see what the story is and how this progress. Are you planning to make then in color later or keep it to line work?

merrytait said...

Thanks so much Aya. I haven't decided yet. Not sure how I want to do them. Usually I dither for a while, but I decided to just do line drawings, which gives me a lot of options later.

I think I will post the story. I will probably include it in Ballookey's pocket.

mollypeck said...

I really love this!

Something Different said...

Mary, I love this style you are using, I hope you will do something in this style in my book. Pretty please.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

As long as I remember, I will. Remind me.

I'm thinking I may do all the pages of the story a few in each mole. Only in coated ones. In the water colo ones, I'm going t try to work on that other story, for at least some of the pages.

Thank you, and thank you! :-D