Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finished with Ammon's Book

Mandala for Moleskine Exchange (Ammon's book)

Finished with Ammon's book and wish I had more to work on. The piece above was black gesso, acrylic paint, white gel pen and Sharpie paint pen.

Collaboration piece with Ammon for the Moleskine Exchange

A collaboration piece with Ammon. "Authenticity means taking risks to remain true to who you really are." (I made that up as it seemed relevant to me at the time. Colored pencil, gesso & gel pen.

By The Numbers mandala for Moleskine Exchange

Vintage flexi Parker fountain pen filled with Herbin Violette Pensee ink, colored pencils and other inks.

Collaboration piece for Ellen in the Moleskine Exchange

Collaboration piece for Ellen.

Mandala for Moleskine Exchange

As previously shown, created with various markers.

Will be mailing soon, then eagerly awaiting the next.


merrytait said...

WOW! I totally love this--very striking and soothing and pretty!

Ammon said...

This is great!

I didn't know that sketch was stil in there. As you know this is the moleskine that was supposed to stay here. That sketch is from a wedding. I definitely like it more now.

ballookey said...

Very cool! Black gesso! I have to go look for that - I've been spray painting some pages matte black for a similar effect, but gesso would be much better.

I really like the one with the numbers and alphabet around it. And the collaboration - that's so cool!

Andrea said...

Your mandalas are so lovely, I can't get enough of them.