Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Andrea & Ash Collab (from Aya's Book)

This is too good not to share... and I needed a "test project" to learn some things on my new laptop, so... here's a spread from Aya's Round 2 book, which I have now. Andrea gave Ash a segment of a photo (the shirt). Ash drew the amphibious guy wearing it. Fun, huh?

I'm using this pic to test my "new laptop learning curve." With this blogpost, I have demonstrated my ability to:

1.) successfully download pics to laptop from my old Sony Mavica (didn't try the new Sony Cybershot yet);

2.) manipulate them mildly in HP MediaSmart (yeah, it's no Adobe Photoshop, but for blogging away from my office/iMac, it works just fine); and

3.) actually locate the photo file(s) on demand, HA!

Ain't life grand? I am beginning to realize it may be alright that I didn't enlist for Round 3, as I thought I was almost done with Round 2. Just Aya's book here with me now & Anders' book, which hasn't arrived yet. But I discovered yesterday that I may also have Steve's book to do! I don't think it has come thru me yet. I think it got out of shipping order somehow too, like Anders' book? Aya's book should have been the last book to come to me, yet it's here now. I'm not sure who I have left to do, to be honest. I will have to go back to my photo files & count. I guess I am still in the exchange after all!


roma said...

Congratulations! He's adorable and looks perfect on a velvet chair.

I often complain that we have to become techies in addition to everything else we do. :)

ballookey said...

Whoa! Yeah, you still have a ways to go- Anders and Steve's have yet to go past you, I think. I thought I was wrapping up late because I have my last round 2 book still, but you still have a couple more to go...after you get them.

Aya Rosen said...

I love this spread! this is so awesome. I owe you an e-mail which I hope will get written tomorrow. It's been a crazy crazy week.

If you are looking for a free photo editing program, my favorite so far is Phoenix:

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

This is fabulous, I am grateful that you published it for those of us who won't see it in person! This is so cute.

I still moles to go by me from round 2. I have no idea where they are. And of course, my own has to come back to me.