Friday, January 21, 2011

The Heat is On

Ellen's book made it today, while Ned and I were shooting 5 girls for Ford at the same time!
I've been so busy lately, (I don't know if busy is the right word, I can't quite remember what I was busy doing) and very sluggish in general.
I have an art show early April I was hoping to have a lot more work ready for, Fashion Week is in a couple of weeks and Ned and I are shooting the shows for a fashion website, and my Etsy store really need some attention and new items, h and I have some orders I haven't started working on...
So, I'm getting really stressed about everything, I hope I can get my ass together and go back to making art more hours every day to catch up. damn, I need more hours in the day...

I really wanted to take a photo of Ginger and the book, so you can see how much she's grown in the past couple of month. However, she had to spend a lot of hours in her crate and tethered to my desk today while the shoot was on, so that was basically all of her "I'm being good" energy spend, and she just wouldn't do it.
So then I decided to forget about it and pose with the book myself (as you can see, I slept about 4 hours last night...)
Which of course meant...


mollypeck said...

I love that picture of Ginger's rump! The shot of your face with the snowy window on the collaboration page is SO perfect with today's weather, too!

henniemavis said...

That Ginger sure does have a cute keaster :-) and I too loved the picture of your head as the next page in Ellen's book, since Ginger wouldn't cooperate. Clever shot!

Don't worry, you'll hammer out that overbooked to-do list eventually. And the wishing for more hours in a day? I try that all the time, it never works for me. If you figure out how to get more hours, let me know!

roma said...

Ginger looks like a ball of energy. What great pics!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Cute! You sure are beautiful when yr tired. I hope you get some rest and catch up soon!

I love the ginger rear and other fun ginger pix! :-D

Something Different said...
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Something Different said...

This series of photos makes me grin from ear to ear. Puppy love!