Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More for Ellen

Alrighty, I posted Ellen's pocket goodie on Sunday while traveling. Now that I'm home, I can more thoroughly & conveniently post the rest of my latest efforts (click on photos if you'd like to see them larger). I did an extra page as pennance for being a total slacker these past 2 months. I don't know what happened, but I just couldn't get focused on art for art's sake. The good news is that while artistically unproductive, I did manage to shore up some other areas of my life. Happy New Year to me :-)

Top image: In keeping to my personal pledge of doing a 2-page spread in the last few large Moles I've had, I painted this image of depression. I did "fall down a well" emotionally, about 3 months ago, so I tried to paint it. (Don't worry, I've long climbed out by now.) I had planned to do a 2nd painting on this theme -- a view looking up the inside of the well to see moon & stars above -- but didn't feel like it, once I finished this. Mood swings can do that to a girl.

Middle image: More acrylic paint & Prismacolor pencil. My Auracana rooster, done from a photo of him. Isn't he a hottie? I hope he stays as nice as he's been, cuz it'd be a shame to end up eating him for bad behavior.

Bottom image: When inspiration fails me, I turn to bananas!


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

So glad you're feeling better! I hate being in a black hole! Very descriptive image.

I love the rooster!

I was so sad when we had to eat the Duke for bad behavior--he was pretty, but not as pretty as yours!

And your take on bananas is always fun!!

Aya Rosen said...

I really like the work you made in Ellen's book, the "depression" piece is especially amazing. I know that feeling so well. This winter both me and Ned fell into this, it's still hard to step out.

roma said...

Your Auracana rooster is a hottie. Roosters generally are a good-looking bunch. We had an Americana named Lindo, but he went into the witness protection program after attacking me in the face and nearly poking out my eyes with his spurs. He left two good wounds right between my inner eyes and the bridge of my nose.

These are all wonderfully bold. I'm sorry I won't get to know you or cherish your work in my journal. I keep flipping between posts and the names on the sidebar to figure out who's who. I'm finally catching on that we're seeing the wrap-up of Round 2 just as we see the start of Round 3.

ballookey said...

The rooster is so cool!

And the well is excellent as well - I love when people put more personal work in the books.

Something Different said...

Ha! Eating him for bad behavior. I love that.

I too am glad you are feeling better because the feeling at the bottom of that well is cold and icky.

Mike Kline said...

Wow! Love the colors and the content... and the stories. Awesome.