Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holy Moly!

I got my moleskine yesterday, and last night I started work on it. I bought the A4 Sketch book, not the Watercolor--the store I found them at didn't carry Watercolor, and it was getting too late to order. I kind of like the way the pages in this book buckle a bit when I paint with gouache on them, but I'm going to have to be careful to not use too much water. If you have any hints or tips on this, let me know.

What I'm working on is a self-portriat for the first spread. The photo above shows how far I got last night. I'll try to finish the spread tonight or tomorrow night. That's me on the left, or at least, my interpretation of me. (My husband doesn't think it looks much like me at all.) In my hand, which will show up on the right side, I'll be carrying something on a plate. The theme of this piece will be Vision and Clarity. I'm trying to gain both in my work and my life in 2011.

A little about myself. I work under the pseudonym "ybonesy." It's pronounced ya-bones-ie. It's a word my youngest daughter made up when she was eight or nine. I have two girls, now both young teens. I live with them and my husband in the Rio Grande Valley. I paint and do collage (in my spare time, as I have a full-time job) and I write. I also make jewelry with my paintings and doodles. I had a blog with a friend for four years; it's called red Ravine. I published a lot of my work there. I just left it this year. It's a great blog. I miss the camaraderie, and I didn't want to leave but felt if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to focus on my art as much as I want to. I hope this project will keep me producing throughout the year.

I guess that's it for now. I'll post the finished spread in a day or so. Cheers to you all.


roma said...

p.s., I had a hard time including the code for the photo on Flickr, which is slightly easier to see. I'll send Andrea a note offline to see what I was doing wrong. Here's a link to my Flickr version:

Aya Rosen said...

This is how you post a photo from flickr on blogger:

1) post the image on flickr.

2) when on the photo page, press "share this" (right above the photo).

3) choose "Grab the HTML/BBCode".

4) a window opens with a lot of strange text in it. copy all of it.

5) go to your blogger post and paste the text into your post.

You can stop here, but there's one way to make this even better.

The blogger coulomb is 400px wide. The flickr default option is either 500px for horizontal or 378px for vertical. which means that the image will either look too narrow or will get cropped.

to change it look for a part of the weird code line saying: width="378" height="500" (numbers maybe different) it's right by the end.

Then change the number for width to 400 and delete the whole height thing so instead of the original part, you only have width="400"

hope this helps!

Aya Rosen said...

wow! this was a long explanation, but honestly, it's very easy and take about 10 seconds after you get used to it.

merrytait said...

I missed this post. In an earlier exchange with the sketchbook moleskines, I ended up painting on arches and pasting them in.