Thursday, January 6, 2011

Round 3 Roll Call

Hi all. New Year brings a new exchange. Is anyone willing to partake in this insanity again? I know I am, I love it!

Here is what (I think) I know ...

Ash? What say you?

Heidi? What do you think? I know you are behind right now but I have really loved having you in this exchange, so think it over and let us know.

Aya is a go. Yay!

Anders? Whaddya think?

Ellen? I feel like you said yes last time I asked, but confirm or deny please.

Steve has said no. I would love to ask him to change his mind, but if I learned one thing from round two it is if someone is hesitant there is probably a reason and I need to respect that no matter how much I love their art and/or their presence.

Mary is in, yes!

Mike is in, hooray!

Ballookey is in and has recommended a new member!!

Michelle? Where are you girlfriend? I miss you.

Willie? What say ye?

So, that makes 5 in for sure. I'd like to have at least 10, maximum of 12.
Who else loves us enough to go round again?

In addition to that Ballookey has recommended Gretchen!
Go check out her work here:
Welcome Gretchen!

More news soon. I need to check my email archives to see who else emailed me about joining and follow up with them.

To the 6 who are a yes ... I want to try and stay more on schedule this year. Can you all commit to giving that the old college try? Motto for the 2011 exchange - SHIP ON TIME!

Has anyone from round 2 gotten their own book back?


Andrea said...

Mike, Aya, Mary, Ballookey, Gretchen,

check your links on the sidebar under round 3, are these the links you want? If not let me know and I'll change 'em. Or if you want to change 'em go for it.

ballookey said...

Woo hoo! I still have to wrap up Michelle's book and then I'm technically done with round 2. I have Willie's book - I just put the finishing touches on it, I think. I'll photograph and post over the weekend.

I don't expect to see mine back for a while, though.

Any thoughts on what size/kind book we should get for round 3, or just get whatever we want?

Aya Rosen said...

Yay! and I think I just found one more, her name is Kris, she lives in NC, and she'll e-mail Andrea hopefully today.

Is there a size \ type of moleskine for this one? or a topic?

Something Different said...

I am thinking the size is up to the person. No bigger than the A4. (Sorry Mary, I just feel like that is too big to mail.) I think I will get an A4 again if no one is opposed.

I'd like it to be a moleskine, because that's what we're called but if anyone is really opposed just holler.

ballookey said...

I'm happy to work in any size, but I think I'll get a small one this time, only because I had an A4 this time. I like little things, so I'd like to see what happens with it.

Ellen said...


Ellen said... is "Millsboro, DE." ;^)

Malty Mama said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Ellen's. She told me all about participating in the last round, and I'd love to join. What do I need to do to get started?


Ammon said...

How many pages are to be filled in round three?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Good question, as my new moley will be arriving shortly and since I haven't seen a round 2 moley in ages, I could get started on round 3. :-D

What if we officially declared December an off month--meaning that anyone who wishes to could keep their traveling moley an extra month. Just for that month. If not, that's fine too.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I have not gotten my own mole back, nor seen any others for a while.

I can only theoretically commit to a regular schedule--I've been pretty darn good so far--usually mailing early, not late. I can't predict the future. I can only say I will try. M I was late once or twice when traveling. But usually only by a day or two.

My link is fine.

Andrea said...

Thanks Mary. I feel like you have been an on time shipper and a super blog participant!

As far as pages ... what does everyone thing of 4 or 5 full sheets and a half page to collab with the person you are mailing to?

I will clarify this more before we get started. I am thinking about doing a video for clarification of what actually makes a page.

Mike Kline said...

Check out Jeremy Gregory! - I sent a note... Hopefully, there is some interest.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Andrea, thanks.

I liked Mike's (?) idea of working it out so we do a collab with everyone, but that might be hard. We would have to figure out a way--there are several ways it could be done. We could either do 11 half pages right after our 4-5 or we count carefully through and do 11 half-pages spaced out throughout the book. If everyone did that, then when we got the books, we could do one collab page with each artist. And they could do one with us--each of them--so everyone'e books would end up having collaborations with everyone else. It would be a logistical problem, but it could be solved? However, I'm fine with the old way, too, if that seems too hard.

Mike, Jeremy looks great.

ballookey said...

While I wish it were possible to collaborate with everyone, and I've been thinking about it for almost a year now, I don't see any say to make it happen. Getting artists to pay attention to directions is pretty much impossible. Did you notice how many books went around with the instruction to take one of a certain item from the pocket and yet no one had? One book had items labeled for each person, but when it got to me, there wasn't one with my name on it, but two for someone else.

Artists will do whatever they do. But complicated collaboration instructions aren't going to fly. Sorry if that sounds pessimistic- it's not meant to be. It's just based on my observation of how well the modest instructions we already have are followed.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

OK, I can live with that. :-( :-)

I think I could handle it. But yr right about issues.

And I do think I took a giftie from the pocket every time something was offered. I certainly always looked. I think. I mostly always looked, anyway.

Mike Kline said...

Malty Mama responded with a desire to join. 9 or so responses down.

Andrea said...

I agree with Ballookey, it is hard enough just getting people to do the right number of pages. ;)

Let's just collab with the person in front and back of us.

henniemavis said...

Andrea, I must have a defunct email address for you? I got an old bounce-back this week... but oh well, you obviously figured out by now that I was planning to sit out on Round 3. I only have Aya's book right now, but have not seen Anders yet, so I still have 2 months to go. And then I get to see my own book back after that, but not sure when?

I may do like Ammon did & sit out a round, while watching... then I could be ready to play again. Can you put me on the list for Round 4? I really did get a lot from this group :-)